First International Meeting of Photographers of the Underworld in Spain ”


Meeting of the underworld photographers and their assistants.


SPELEO PHOTO MEETING 2016, will be celebrate from 4th to 11th September 2016 in the north of Spain (Soncillo-Burgos).  All the information related to the development of this meeting will be communicate to the media (press, radio and television).

SPELEO PHOTO MEETING 2016, is promoted and organized by the Espeleofoto Association, In addition eighteen volunteers will work to develop the encounter.

The organizing committee of this meeting is constituted by the members of the Board of directors of the Espeleofoto Association. E-mail: -

Up to date, the organization count on with the collaboration of the following public and private entities:
 Niphargus Speleologic Group (Burgos) and the Felix Ugarte Cultural Association (Donostia). Castilla - León Speleology Federation, Cantabria Speleology Federation, DYA Navarra Rescue Group, Speleology and Canyons Confederation, Rivert Guides, Beloaventura, Merindades Speleologic Group.As for subsidies, It is projected to request sponsorship to the CEDER Merindades, Junta of Castilla and León, City council of Burgos, County council of Burgos and other public and private organisms.

Also companies of sports and photographic material are interested in taking part in this new project.


The meeting will be supported by the inscriptions of the participants, public and private subsidies.


Photographers from 14 countries have shown interest in participating in SPM 2016.  
October 2015 these photographers will receive an invitation to complete the pre - registration. Photographs of  Costa Rica, Brazil, USA, UK, France, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary,Romania, Germany, Japan, Spain and Malaysia.



INSURANCE:  All participants must have a valid insurance to cover their caving activities in Spanish territory.

The organization is not responsible for any accident in or out the caves, loss material or damage, that may occur to such caving or photographic materials, vehicles, personal or team effects, etc.



Meeting Dates from 4 to 11 September 2016.



Number of  participants  80.

Each photographer may come with 3 assistants.



By invitation only






© 2016 by Espeleofoto

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