We have  selected 6 different and beautiful caves where the photographers  will take splendid shots. 
High galleries, big chambers, rivers,eccentrics, and many speleothems await photographers of SPELEO PHOTO MEETING 









CAVE DESCRIPTION  (Development: 4.086 m / Depth: + 77 m)

Fuentemolinos is an active emergence. Its water supplies the Puras de Villafranca village. A subterranean river flows 1.800 m on the 1st floor. The singularity of this cave is that it is developed in a calcareous conglomeration, being one of the biggest in the world in this kind of caves. The cave has 3 levels, each of them different and of a great beauty. After passing a handrail and a  pit of 15 m, we arrive to the 3rd floor where we can see a panel of excéntricas and the lake of Fuentemolinos. In this lake the fluctaution of the water has created hundres of calcite sheets in one of the lakes side.



A canyon dug in a calcareous conglomeration with big rounded blocks hanging from the walls is observed on the first floor. 


We can also see flowstones and soda straws. On the 2nd floor, we have flowstones, stalagmites, stalactites, rimstone dams. Finally, on the 3rd floor, we will see the same speleothems of the 2nd floor plus, helictites,  calcite crystals, and the famous lake, where we will be surprised by the spectacular calcitelaminae.










DESCRIPTION OF THE CAVE (Development: 1.438 m / Depth: - 47 m)

The entrance shaft base divides this cavity in two sectors. The gallery with the SE direction has a development of 180 meters and it has a hall of 50 x 7 0x 5 meters that finishes in a channel of about 30 meters. Some time ago, this channel could have had access to the outside of the cave. The gallery with the NW direction to which we can enter passing through a low rise gallery, is the most beautiful of this cavity full of speleothemes. It has a homogeneous section of 12 meters wide and 15 meters tall during its development.


Paño cave is full of speleothemes in white, yellow and ochreous colour. We can see coralloids, flowstones, stalactites, hundreds of stalagmites,  soda straw. All of this inside of big full adorned galleries. We can also find a kind of salamander with showy colours in the base of the entrance shaft.










CAVE DESCRIPTION (Development: 2.100 m / Depth: - 81 m)

Covanegra cave is constituted by a OOS-EEN gallery. We can enter from  the collapse of its vault. This collapse produced a pit of 31 m, and through  this, the sun rays enter into the cave. After leaving of the beautiful entrance room , called “Niphargus Hall”and  adorned with moss, the gallery continues and we pass by a pit of 8 m onnecting with a ramp of 25 m. After that, we overcome narrow sections and a 4 m leap. Then we arrive to a big gallery where we have wonderful flowstones One of this flowstones close the gallery.



The entrance pit,  is a big vault tapestried with green moss, where the sun rays enter into the cave. We also have big flowstones that close the main gallery. We can find big galleries and different speleothems how calcite crystals, stone flags etc.










  • COVENTOSA     


CAVE DESCRIPTION  (Cueto – Coventosa / Development: 32.529 m / Depth: -  815 m)

Cueto - Coventosa is a large underground system, in this photographic meeting enter the wide entrance Coventosa. A large gallery with strong current of air brings us a pit of 15 m connecting to a new gallery. Continue to the ramp that leads to the "Gallery of Ghosts" very beautiful and full of speleothems. Returning to the base of the P15 m to go to "The Grand Canyon", we have to overcome some small stretch of ascending and descending rope, and some railings, reaching the first gours and then the lakes.




This cave has two areas: the area heading "Grand Canyon" and "Gallery of Ghosts".

In the first gous and find beautiful lakes, sandy beaches, spacious galleries and various speleothems








  • CUEVA MUR                


CAVE DESCRIPTION (Development: 1.725 m / Depth: - 60 m)

A big hole in the wall of a mountain is the entrance of Cueva Mur. A small handrail withe a rope and a rising ramp take us to a low rise gallery that finishes in a 5 m leap. This leap leaves us in a overhang in the highest part of the Gran Sima (Great Abyss), a hall of 70 m x 90 m x 50 m. We will keep on moving by the overhang through a handrail. This handrail goes along the Gran Sima, to the place where we will start the way down to the hall. A steep ramp of about 50 m will leave us in the base of the hall. Then, we will go up a very slippery flowstone that leads us to the Sala del Campamento (Camp Hall). From this point, the cave has a horizontal development, some narrow passes, low rise galleries and a lot of speleothems. The cave has a circular route.


Low rise galleries, handrails, white flowstones, lots of helictites, coralloids, galleries with beautiful speleothems and the Great Hall.












CAVE DESCRIPTION  (Development: 30.000 m, cave +  mine )

The Soplao cave was discovered at the beginning of twentieth century. The cave is really interesting because its geological interest and mining archeologic heritage are exceptional. It show an incredible natural paradise composed by amazing formations, such as: larger flowstones in the walls, stalactites, stalagmites, and specially helictites and eccentric speleothems.

The cave is unique around the world because show an incredible rich and complex diversity of eccentric formations. These type of speleothems have been found in others caves, but never like in the Soplao cave.



We can photograph aranogite flowers, sails, helictites and eccentric stalactites, stalagmites, among others. The speleothems are white and they contrast with reddish hostrock.





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